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Topology Instance#

The KYPO Terraform Client transforms a Topology Definition (user-defined topology) with the Topology Instance Management sub-infrastructure into the Terraform Template, which is then used by Terraform to create a virtual infrastructure we call a KYPO Topology Instance.



For clarity reasons, there are missing links from man-network to the left Router and left Host.

Topology Instance Management#

Every Topology Instance is created with management sub-infrastructure, which consists of the following.

  • MAN (Management Access Node): The only node connected to the network outside the Topology Instance. The network must be specified as a base_network in the sandbox-service configuration. The Topology Instance is accessible only through the OpenStack cloud hypervisor or MAN.

  • man-network (management network): All nodes in the Topology Instance are connected to this network so that every node is accessible from MAN and can be configured through it. CIDR of this network should be specified in the configuration. The IP address range of this network can be overridden in the sandbox-service configuration.