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Resources Overview#

Resources Overview consists of panels describing statistics of OpenStack project utilization and overview of available images.

1. Usage Statistics of Cloud Server#

  • kypo-platform-testing: the name of a used OpenStack project,
  • Instances: Created VMs in the OpenStack project,
  • VCPUs: Virtual CPUs currently in use by all instances,
  • RAM: The amount of the main memory currently in use by all instances.


2. Overview of Images#

Provides a list of available images that can be installed on virtual machines. Each row contains the following values of image parameters:

  • Name: The unique name of the image.
  • Default User: User used to login to the virtual machine via GUI or connect via SSH.
  • Updated At: Last time image was updated.
  • Min Disk: Minimum amount of disk memory to boot image, in gigabytes.
  • Min RAM: Minimum amount of main memory to boot image, in megabytes.
  • Status
  • Visibility: Public, private, community, shared.

Click extend button to show detailed information about the image:

  • OS Distro: Common name of operating system distribution.
  • OS Type: Linux or windows.
  • Disk Format: The format of the underlying disk image specifies how the disk stores information.
  • Container Format: Indicates whether the image also contains metadata about the virtual machine (bare = no metadata).
  • Size: The size of the image, in bytes.
  • Created At: Time of the creation.
  • Tags: Used to filter images.
  • Owner specified: special variables specified by KYPO images, gui_access - used to signal GUI is installed for the image.

Checkbox Only KYPO images allows filtering of images that are created by the KYPO team.