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The purpose of the Training Agenda is to create and manage trainings that are only available to users with the role instructor. Another purpose of the agenda is to access training runs available for all users with the role trainee. These activities are mapped onto the Training Creation workflow. The training agenda is divided into four sections:

  • Training Definition section is used to create and manage training definitions (the content of trainings). You can choose between the Linear Training Definition and Adaptive Training Definition

  • Training Instance section is used to create and manage training instances (a time-limited period to participate in training). You can also choose between Linear Training Instance and Adaptive Training Instance.

  • Training Run section is used to access new training runs and for the overview of already accessed training runs and their results. The runs may differ according to the type of training. See Linear Training Run and Adaptive Training Run


To access the above-mentioned pages in the portal, click the respective button on the front page of the KYPO portal.

Training Definition, Training Instance, or Training Run can be accessed from the front page of the KYPO portal.

Then in the case of definition and instance, choose the respective type.

Or click the button in the global navigation in the section Trainings.


If you only have the role ROLE_TRAINING_TRAINEE, you will be directly forwarded to the page Training Runs Overview without any further action after a successful login.