Sandbox Definition

The Sandbox Definition is a directory structure stored as a Git repository managed by KYPO instructors to define a sandbox topology and provisioning of sandbox nodes.

The simplest directory structure of Sandbox Definition:

├── topology.yml
├── variables.yml
└── provisioning/
    └── playbook.yml
└── preconfig/
  • topology.yml: a Topology Definition of a topology that will be deployed in the cloud. Once deployed it is called Topology Instance.


    The name sandbox.yml is deprecated since version 21.06.

  • variables.yml (optional): a configuration file containing all necessary and optional information for the generation of APG Variables that can be used to create variant answers for the sandboxes in the pool. It’s necessary for APG trainings.

  • provisioning: a directory structure of a Sandbox Provisioning which is intended for Topology Instance customization. Once provisioned it is called a Sandbox.

  • preconfig (local sandbox definition only): contains files for the basic configuration of the created devices, like network configuration. These files should not be edited. For more information visit wiki page of CSC.