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Privileges and access rights of each KYPO user are determined by the roles appointed to their user group.
All roles are imported into the KYPO portal by registering a microservice, where each microservice has exactly one default role. These roles are used slightly differently.

How the Roles Are Used#

In the KYPO CRP context, we are using three abstract roles that are not part of any microservice. We have experienced that most of the users require the functionalities that are privileges of the specific set of microservice roles. Each abstract role is composed of several roles of microservices that must be assigned to users by an administrator.


Each user who can log into the KYPO CRP automatically acquires this role. It is composed of the default roles of each microservice. For now, these roles are: ROLE_TRAINING_TRAINEE, ROLE_ADAPTIVE_TRAINING_TRAINEE, ROLE_USER_AND_GROUP_GUEST, and ROLE_KYPO-SANDBOX-SERVICE_TRAINEE.


The user who is responsible for creating exercises for trainees and for their management is called the instructor. Each instructor should have access to sandbox definitions, pools, cloud resources, training definitions, and training instances. Because of that, the instructor must have assigned the following roles: ROLE_TRAINING_ORGANIZER, ROLE_TRAINING_DESIGNER, ROLE_ADAPTIVE_TRAINING_ORGANIZER, ROLE_ADAPTIVE_TRAINING_DESIGNER, ROLE_KYPO-SANDBOX-SERVICE_ORGANIZER, and ROLE_KYPO-SANDBOX-SERVICE_DESIGNER. The role of the trainee is assigned by default.


The administrator is responsible for managing the whole KYPO CRP instance. The administrator must have assigned all the microservice roles described below.

This is the preferable option to use the roles in the KYPO Platform. But it is possible to use bigger granularity by assigning only some roles of microservices. See the meaning of the individual roles in the next part of the page.


The used concept of roles so far will probably be changed in one of the following releases.

Microservice Roles#

Current roles that are used in the KYPO portal can be divided into categories (Training roles, User and group roles, and Sandbox roles) based on microservice that import them.

Training Roles#

ROLE_TRAINING_TRAINEE/ROLE_ADAPTIVE_TRAINING_TRAINEE: Trainees are allowed to start, resume, and play the linear training run/adaptive training run. After the training is complete, trainees can also check and compare their scores. The role of the trainee is the default role of each KYPO user.

ROLE_TRAINING_ORGANIZER/ROLE_ADAPTIVE_TRAINING_ORGANIZER: Training organizers can create and manage linear training instances/adaptive training instances, see the progress of trainees during the training, or see the results in the form of graphs and tables. Each organizer can only access training instances in which they are set as an organizer.

ROLE_TRAINING_DESIGNER/ROLE_ADAPTIVE_TRAINING_DESIGNER: Training designers can create and manage linear training definitions/adaptive training definitions, that can be used to create training instances by the organizers. In a similar manner to the organizers, these users can only access training definitions that have them set as their designer.

ROLE_TRAINING_ADMINISTRATOR/ROLE_ADAPTIVE_TRAINING_ADMINISTRATOR: Training administrators have all the privileges of the above roles, with the exception being that they are not restricted by ownership of the training instances and definitions. This means that the training administrator can access all definitions and instances that exist on the KYPO platform.

User and Group Roles#

ROLE_USER_AND_GROUP_GUEST: Guests can only see information about themselves and basic information about other users. It is the default role for every user of the KYPO platform.

ROLE_USER_AND_GROUP_USER: Users have at this moment the same access rights as the previous role guest.

ROLE_USER_AND_GROUP_ADMINISTRATOR: Administrators can fully access and manage users, groups, and microservices in the user and group agenda.

Sandbox Roles#

ROLE_KYPO-SANDBOX-SERVICE_TRAINEE: Sandbox trainees cannot access any part of the sandbox agenda, but they can access sandbox topology during the training. This role is the default role of all KYPO users.

ROLE_KYPO-SANDBOX-SERVICE_ORGANIZER: Sandbox organizers gain access to the management of the sandbox pools. These pools contain sandboxes that are assigned to a specific trainee at the start of the training.

ROLE_KYPO-SANDBOX-SERVICE_DESIGNER: Sandbox designers can create and manage sandbox definitions, that can be used by a sandbox organizer to create a pool of sandboxes.

ROLE_KYPO-SANDBOX-SERVICE_ADMIN: Sandbox admin combines access rights of the above roles to grant full access to the sandbox agenda of the KYPO portal.